Anna Bashkirova

Director & Principal Consultant | EQuilibrium Consulting and Coaching

Prior to coaching, Anna Bashkirova, CPA had a successful career in accounting and IT where she consulted finance professionals around accounting systems. This path led her to the realisation that most software implementation issues turned out to be people related. As a result, she devoted a few years to become a human behaviour specialist.
Anna is a Professional Coach, qualified Extended DISC behavioural profiler, Meta Dynamics practitioner and a PROSCI certified change manager. Anna is passionate about helping accounting and IT professionals to unlock their potential as organisational and business leaders by enhancing their soft skills.

Presentation: Stakeholder Engagement for BAs: From Sabotage to Success

Have you ever wondered what is hindering stakeholder relations on both sides? Have you faced challenges like criticism affecting collaborations? Can you recall a time when perfectionism or dealing with a difficult stakeholder who’s stubborn or controlling took the best out of you? Picture this: you’re striving for project success, but people-pleasing patterns, stress and the fear of failure block your way.

While most BAs experience these issues, dealing with them is much easier when you have ‘the code.’ Join this workshop for a revealing journey to understand secret drivers and learn the strategies to address or prevent the hurdles.