Arvind Arcot


Melbourne Branch Chair, IIBA Australia

Arvind brings over 20 years of professional experience, including 13 years as a Consultant and Business Analyst. He has extensive Banking, Finance and ICT sector experience, rounded out by experience in Government (Australian), Transport, Petroleum, Higher Education and Retail. He has been deployed on numerous consulting engagements throughout the Asia Pacific region, enabling him to engage in highly varied client organisations, both culturally and in relation to their core business. He has risen through the ranks within the consulting industry starting as a Consultant to Senior Consultant to a Principal Consultant and also a National BA Practice Manager.

He has built and run a successful Business Analysis Practice (of 330+ Business Analysts) across Australia and New Zealand and has invested a lot of time and effort in coaching and mentoring other Business Analysts and guiding them on their career journey.

Arvind currently leads the BA practice at Yarra Valley Water and has been there for just over a year.