Bindu Channaveerappa


Director, IIBA UK London Community

BINDU CHANNAVEERAPPA, Business Analysis Consultant, International Speaker and Director of IIBA UK London Communities. Bindu comes with 15 years of experience in Business Analysis and is qualified from IIBA and BCS. Recognising the need for Cybersecurity analysis, Bindu, proactively studied Security Management and since has become a keen advocate to make Cybersecurity inclusive within the mainstream business analysis. She is part of the IIBA’s Cybersecurity Certification team authoring the IIBA Cybersecurity Certification curriculum and the exam questions. Bindu also has taken this imperative message to several countries and delivering speeches and workshops at various Business Analysis and Cybersecurity conferences.

Presentation: Cybersecurity – whose responsibility is it?

Technology is emerging and expanding to provide better solutions and enhance end-user experience and with every benefit comes risks. Cybersecurity is a top priority for most business leaders, while customers expect companies to keep their information secure, so it’s imperative to think and act securely.
Cybersecurity is no longer an IT problem to solve. It should be part of everyday delivery for business analysts. This session will provide delegates with an overview of the role that can be played by project teams and specifically business analysts in protecting information assets and key considerations on the practical interventions that BAs can make.