Bindu Channaveerappa


Business Analysis Consultant | i-Perceptions Consulting Limited & Director of IIBA UK London Communities

Bindu comes with 20 years of experience in Business Analysis and is qualified from IIBA and BCS. Her journey as a Business Analysis Consultant has been characterised by a profound commitment to unravelling complexities, driving creativity, and innovation, championing the business analysis profession, and being a keen advocate to make Cybersecurity inclusive within mainstream business analysis. This imperative message resonates globally as Bindu ardently shares at prestigious conferences, executive seminars, panel discussions and numerous webinars.

Bindu has coauthored the IIBA’s Cybersecurity Certification and several articles and currently authoring a book on Cybersecurity specifically for business analysts and project teams with BCS due to be launched in 2024. She is one of the IIBA’s top business analysis influencers to watch in 2021.

Bindu volunteers at the UK chapter as a board member and part of the leadership team in bringing the London community together to learn and grow. She also contributes her time and efforts to help a global audience at an international charitable organisation and spiritual university.

Presentation: Data Security: What Every BA Needs to Know

What do Machine Learning (ML), chatbots, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and deep insights have in common? Data, and lots of it. But having lots of data isn’t sufficient, and the data must be mastered, cleaned, curated, secured, and made available.

Regulators are increasing their demands on companies to ensure the ethical use of data, especially customer and client data, and determining all the compulsory requirements is becoming an increasingly complex set of tasks that requires analysis.

Business analysts can play a significant role in supporting data analytics projects and programs by applying the tools and techniques of our trade tailored to the new digital landscape surrounding big data.

In this presentation, you’ll learn –
• Foundational definitions of data
• Framework for data management processes and principles
• Developing data awareness and performing risk assessments
• A contextual perspective on the ethics of data for business insights