Briana Ertanin

President | IIBA Australia Chapter & BA Methods and Frameworks Consulting | ASX

Briana is an experienced strategic leader with a track record of achievement across multiple industry sectors. She has built and led large teams in commercial and non-profit organizations. Briana demonstrates in practice the value of transferable skills such as business acumen, a deep understanding of legal and regulatory frameworks, and multidisciplinary delivery proficiencies.

Briana is very passionate about the future of business analysis and the opportunities for professional upskilling with agile knowledge and experience. Briana is CBAP® as well as certified in the Agile Analysis Certification – IIBA® and the CyberSecurity Analysis – IIBA®.

Briana is a long-term volunteer with IIBA® – leading various national portfolios and working closely with the Sydney Branch. She is currently the President of the Australia Chapter and led the Chapter to Global excellence recognised with a Chapter of the Year Award in 2022.

Briana has vast experience in capability development and establishing Centres of Excellence and Communities of Practice. She had roles with several leading financial institutions such as CBA,  Toyota Finance Australia (the largest non-bank lender in Australia), and, currently, ASX.

SYDNEY Presentation: Insight to impact – Linchpin to Strategic Decision making

The presentation explores the role and the boundaries of the BA role in decision-making.

The session highlights how BAs can remain actively engaged in decision-making while staying focused on their role. By leveraging practical frameworks for decision facilitation, the session demonstrates how to avoid the common pitfalls of being a “note taker” without breaching the accountability of decision-making (which often lives with other stakeholder roles)

The presentation provides practical guidance on navigating groupthink (the tendency of a group to conform to the opinions or decisions of the majority, often leading to suboptimal outcomes) and bias (distorted perspectives that influence decisions). The presentation provides strategies and methods for business analysts to identify and mitigate groupthink and bias in decision-making processes.

In summary, the presentation emphasizes the value of BAs as analytical and strategic partners in decision-making while also providing guidance on maintaining objectivity, avoiding common cognitive biases, and utilizing practical frameworks for effective decision facilitation.

Why attend the session?

  • Understand the decision-making and the role of the BA in a complex environment
  • Knowledge around the psychological techniques and awareness when addressing bias and groupthink
  • Connecting the context with the BABOK fundamentals and core Decisioning Techniques such as Decision Analysis and Decision Modelling
  • Practical framework for effective working group organization

ONLINE Presentation: Presidents Panel