Chris Rickard

Chris Rickard

A perfectionist, a technologist, and a craftsman. Chris Rickard has directed software development teams across Australia, Canada and the U.S. Most recently Chris is the founder and CEO of Userdoc – a web platform to help businesses build better software requirements using AI.

After years of being a business analyst and product owner, Chris deeply understands that good software starts with good software requirements – and has dedicated his business Userdoc to that mission

Presentation: Supercharging Projects with AI Augmented Software Requirements

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the success of software projects is often hindered by poorly defined requirements. This presentation aims to explore how AI-augmented software requirements can transform the way businesses approach project planning and execution. By leveraging sophisticated AI, Userdoc empowers teams to create detailed, accurate, and dynamic requirements that significantly enhance the chances of project success.

The presentation will delve into the core components of AI-augmented software requirements, including user stories, acceptance criteria, user personas, and user journeys. Attendees will gain insights into how AI can deeply understand business contexts to generate comprehensive requirements that serve as the project’s foundation. The integration of Userdoc with common project management tools will be highlighted, showcasing how it maintains requirements as the source of truth throughout the project lifecycle.

The session will address common challenges faced by business analysts, such as

•              Detailed requirements elicitation

•              Evolving requirements

•              Miscommunication among stakeholders

•              The difficulty in maintaining up-to-date documentation.

By presenting real-world examples and case studies, the talk will demonstrate how Userdoc’s AI capabilities have led to successful project outcomes, improved team collaboration, and faster time-to-market.