Dr Rajiv Shah 

Dr Rajiv Shah 

Rajiv Shah has a PhD in quantum physics, and over 25 years’ experience in leading edge cyber and technology innovations for government and commercial clients across the globe. As Managing Director of MDR Security, he helps clients to understand technology and apply it effectively and securely to their business. Also, as a Fellow of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute he has published strategic papers on cyber and critical technology policy research. Rajiv’s prior experience includes a broad range of senior leadership roles with BAE Systems in the UK, US, and Australia, including Australian regional director for the Digital Intelligence division.   


Presentation: Quantum technologies – what are they and why should business analysts care? 

Quantum technology, or at least talk of it, seems to be everywhere at the moment. 

Governments around the world are implementing quantum strategies, venture capitalists are investing money and we see regular headlines with the latest claimed “breakthroughs”.  

In this talk we will make quantum technology accessible to the non-expert, focussing on the real maturity and potential of various technologies, and what this means for business analysts. 

The presentation will cover the following topics: 

  • What is quantum computing? How good are the current quantum computers, and what are the key issues that need to be addressed to actually build a useful quantum computer – and what would it actually be useful for? 
  • What will the impact be on cyber security, in particular encryption? What do you need to worry about, and when? 
  • The most popular solution to the cyber challenges seems to be “post quantum encryption” – but what is this, how and where can it be used? We will discuss considerations for a practical implementation, drawing on lessons learnt from some of the early rollouts such as Apple’s upgrade of iMessage in March 2024. 
  • What about the other new opportunities a quantum computer and other quantum technologies could enable? We will discuss how a new world of potential capabilities could lead to unprecedented innovations, and how business analysts should be thinking about this.