Elizabeth Ring


Transformational Change & Design Lead, Leidos Australia

Elizabeth Ring is an experienced Change Management Professional with extensive experience in the domains of Project Management and Business Analysis. She was recently appointed to the role of Transformational Change & Design Lead for Leidos Australia. Her key remit in this role is to embed Organisational Change Management throughout the organisation; in addition to the introduction of Human Centred Design as a core capability. Her leadership style is characterised by intelligence; critical thinking; strategic intuition; delivery excellence; empathy; humour; and a highly developed ability to understand the needs of both clients and consultants. With 20+ years’ consulting experience across multiple Victorian Government Departments and throughout the corporate sector, Elizabeth expertly applies critical analysis, process rigor and academic acumen to complex business problems. She excels at developing creative and sustainable solutions to address the commercial and strategic needs of clients.

Presentation: The Value of Design Techniques for Business Analysts

Design Techniques are emerging as a fundamental mechanism by which the needs and perspectives of the end user can be defined. They have the unique advantage of not being aligned with a specific technology; nor are they constrained by the limitations of a Waterfall approach. They are by their very nature intuitive and iterative.

Design Techniques readily lend themselves to the work of the Business Analyst:

• They drive engagement through collaboration
• They provide structure to what is essentially a creative process
• They produce design concepts/ideas that then drive the creation of prototypes

During this session I will illustrate an example of where I applied Empathy Mapping (within Leidos Australia) to define end user requirements. These were then used to form the basis of User Stories; and inform Strategic Priorities.