Emma Cole 

Emma Cole 

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Presentation: Why Data Literacy Matters in a Data-Driven World 

In our data filled environment, the ability to navigate, interpret, and communicate information effectively is more critical than ever. But how can enhancing data literacy lead to better decisions? What stories does your data tell, and how can these stories drive your business forward? Emma will dive into practical ways to elevate your team’s data skills and use storytelling techniques to turn complex data into compelling business narratives. 

Emma is the Data and Analytics Manager at SA Power Networks, where she drives the innovation and delivery of data solutions. With 20 years of experience in the digital and technology sector, she is committed to fostering a collaborative and forward-thinking data-driven culture within the organisation.

One of Emma’s proudest achievements is developing a school robotics competition, which not only addresses SA Power Networks’ critical challenges but also boosts community engagement and expands opportunities for regional STEM education.

Emma is a catalyst for change and transformation, leveraging her expertise in design thinking and facilitation to empower organisations to embrace new technologies. She excels at simplifying complex challenges and guiding teams towards innovative, data-led solutions.