Evan Klose

Evan Klose 

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Presentation: Teaching, coaching, and mentoring helps me more than it helps you 

Evan Klose will delve into the reciprocal benefits of volunteering time in work and professional networking endeavours, discussing how the act of imparting knowledge enriches the giver as much as the receiver. 

Drawing from personal experiences, Evan will articulate how investing time in teaching, coaching, and mentoring has yielded invaluable returns. By engaging in these activities, not only does he contribute to the growth and development of others, but he also takes a transformative journey of self-improvement. 

Through teaching, Evan refines his understanding of complex concepts, solidifying his own knowledge while fostering a deeper comprehension of the subject matter. Coaching offers an avenue for introspection, prompting him to evaluate his approach and refine methodologies. Similarly, mentoring instils a sense of responsibility and accountability, motivating the strive for excellence in his own endeavours. 

The symbiotic nature of these interactions fosters a vibrant ecosystem of learning and collaboration within the business analysis community. By actively participating in teaching, coaching, and mentoring, he cultivates a diverse skill set, hones his communication abilities, and expands his professional network. 

Time invested is not merely altruistic but rather a strategic investment in one’s own growth and development as a well-rounded business analyst. By embracing these roles, individuals can harness the power of reciprocal learning to propel their careers forward while enriching the broader professional community.