Gareth Jones


Practice Manager, Business Analysis (bapl)

Gareth is a CBAP Certified Practice Manager for Business Analysis (BAPL) an Australian based business analysis consultancy. He has a wealth of experience with numerous private organisations as well as both Federal and State level Government. He has a proven track record of accomplishment having delivered both large and small scale projects across various organisations and departments. He strives in building trusting stakeholder relationships at all levels, aligning the why to the how. He is also the Product Owner of BAPLs Business Analysis Centre of Excellence (BACoE) a subscription based business analysis practice in a box –

Presentation: Establishing Business Analysis as a Practice in your Organisation

This workshop will outline the major issues that organisations are facing when striving for consistent, exceptional, business analysis, whilst also trying to provide a career path for prospective BAs, dealing with influxes in demand/satisfying internal customers, and managing the ongoing needs of their business analysis cohort.

We’ll provide cost assessments regarding the impact of continuous recruitment, poorly aligned training outcomes, BA attrition due to a lack of job satisfaction and market drivers.

We will then workshop the core elements of establishing a practice and how organisations can shift their individual business analyst offering into a business analysis team providing business analysis as a service to their organisation’s internal stakeholders.

We will also show how in doing so, it will address a large proportion of the issues above, and ultimately improve business analysis outcomes – which saves organisations money!