Geoff Griffin


Product Owner AI & Data | ANZ

Geoff Griffin is a pioneer in the adoption of enterprise standards for Business Analysis. His insight into Business Analysis practice is only rivalled by his wit and charm. Geoff continues to invent the future in his role as Product Owner AI & Data at ANZ.

Presentation: Making it up as you PO
What does it take to be a successful Product Owner? Damian and Geoff had to find out. They had both arrived in a Product Owner role at a major Australian bank, working with highly complex and rapidly evolving area of AI and Machine Learning. Mastering backlog prioritisation was only the tip of the iceberg. Product Ownership involved reframing how their team thought about product, how the business thought about their team and how their customer thought about value. In this presentation, Damian and Geoff will discuss some real Product Owner challenges, how their Business Analysis skills enabled them to succeed, and some of the finer points of Product Ownership that you won’t find in the standards.