Kathy Berkidge

Kathy Berkidge

With a background in software development, Kathy is an agile BA professional with over 30 years of experience in I.T. She provides business analysis and agile training and consulting services to many organisations in a variety of industries, as well as speaks internationally on topics relating to agile, mindset and business analysis. Kathy works with teams to improve teamwork, be more innovative and deliver better customer value. She is passionate about seeing people, teams and organisations thrive in an environment of collaboration and harmony.

Presentation: Maintaining Curiosity to Drive Innovation – How to Maintain a Curious Mindset

In today’s volatile world, business analysts are relied on to help deliver solutions that create an excellent user experience and customer delight. In the pursuit of innovation, we cannot rest on our laurels; what is ‘wow’ today is passé tomorrow. We must remain curious – researching, investigating and exploring – continuously learning as we go.

However ingrained attitudes, cognitive bias and assumptions can impede discovery. It’s easy to be prejudiced by our own entrenched beliefs. We may think we know ‘something’ and fail to explore ‘what else’. While we may have many facts and figures, we must remain open to uncover more.

In this session, we will explore how to maintain a curious mindset. You will learn how to be more open and objective to approach your work from a more non-judgemental, impartial position. By loosening our perceptions, we can see things with more awareness and clarity. This drives curiosity to gain deeper insights to deliver better business value.