Mashhood Ahmed

M1 Consultants

I’m a product-project management practitioner and mentor, in the last 10 years I have delivered and executed successfully on multimillion-dollar enterprise-scale program-projects. I spearheaded large-scale PMO projects from inception to delivery by managing cross-functional teams, and IT activation of Green-field hospital into operation.

In the last few years, I had number of opportunities to speak at number of global and virtual conferences, where I shared my experience with community to help seamlessly deliver high-value projects.

Currently, I am writing a book, “Unwritten Rules of Successful Project Delivery”, the aim of the book is to provide tools to project managers that can help them address critical project management challenges.

Throughout my career, I have coached and mentored team members to scale up and level up their game by working closely with them and their managers, this has proven successful over attending training or conferences. Research has proven that individual only retain up to 30% of the information next day [Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve]. My approach is highly customizable and bespoke to the individual need in order to help them move up in their career including monthly review sessions to build self-accountability discipline.

Presentation: Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Transformation

Are you anxious about rampant spread of AI and its impact on project managers? AI has transcended into a new reality in recent months, particularly evident with advancements like ChatGPT and the explosive surge of AI Apps, revolutionizing the way projects are managed.

Join our Master Class Trainer as he unravels AI’s immense potential in project management. From optimizing mundane administrative tasks to boosting team performance and project outcomes, AI is the key to staying ahead of the curve. Let AI take the reins while you focus on delivering unparalleled value and groundbreaking solutions.

Discover how AI will reshape each facet of project management knowledge areas, with real-life applications you can start leveraging immediately. Unleash your soft skills as a human project manager, partnering with AI to conquer routine tasks. Prepare for the future—relearn, motivate, build trust, negotiate, ideate, empathize, and rely on intuition. Are you ready to seize the future?


In the last 6 months, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transitioned from an academic topic to a tangible reality, particularly evident with advancements like ChatGPT and the proliferation of AI Apps. This significant development is poised to revolutionizing the field of Project Management as we speak.

The Master Class Trainer will commence by covering the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and then delve into specific areas of project management that will soon witness the implementation of AI tools. The impact of AI on team performance and project outcomes will be substantial, positioning early adopters of AI tools as frontrunners in the field.

According to a survey conducted by Harvard Business Review, administrative tasks consume 54% of a project manager’s time. These mundane tasks, universally disliked by project managers, can be optimized through the use of artificial intelligence. By streamlining these tasks, project managers can redirect their focus towards delivering value and providing unparalleled solutions. Examples of such tasks span various knowledge areas of project management, including follow-ups, meeting minutes, risk identification, issue analysis, budgeting, schedule management, and resource assignment. The presenter will explore these areas in detail, showcasing real AI applications that the audience can begin leveraging immediately.

Furthermore, the presenter will emphasize the key areas in project management where project managers must concentrate their efforts to bring value. Soft skills play a vital role, as human project managers will excel by harnessing AI tools to handle routine tasks. These skills include the ability to unlearn and relearn, motivate team members, build trusting relationships, negotiate effectively, ideate, demonstrate empathy, and rely on intuition. Such changes are inevitable and will fundamentally transform current project management practices. Are you prepared for the future?

Throughout the Master Class, the audience will actively engage and interact using tools such as Menti-meter or Kahoot.

Key Takeaways

  1. Understanding of Artificial intelligence
  2. How AI will help PM to leverage AI Tools? With hands on exercises
  3. Value proposition for human project management function
  4. Engaging deep thought-provoking talk