Niall Clerkin


TEDx Curator & Executive Coach

Under the moniker ‘Coach360’ Niall delivers workshops and talks in the areas of Communication, Productivity and Workplace Compassion.

No judgement, no BS. It’s practical and sometimes entertaining.

Specific keynote engagements include Challenge Vs Struggle, Compassionate Recruitment and Communicating for Influence.

Niall has coached 15 TEDx speakers through extended speaker programs to help craft messages and enhance delivery, and helped generate millions of views!

Niall has had an interesting career to date including roles such as Magazine Editor, Web Designer, Recruiter, Business Owner, Copywriter, Exec Coach and TEDx Curator. He believes passionately that we evolve as we grow, learn and change and this change is to be embraced.

Presentation: Present like TED

Equal parts One-Man-Theatre-Show and TED-talk Training Niall will introduce you to tactics from enhancing your daily interactions all the way to a conference keynote.  He uses 2 way video interaction, props, and entertaining set pieces to deliver content like no one else.

Learn how to turn an awkward moment into an opportunity, become the go-to spokesperson for your project, successfully pitch an idea and impress an audience of peers.


“Niall is an excellent Coach. He helped and guided me through developing a rough Idea into a polished TED talk.”

Faraz Pathan 1.2 Million views in 2 months.

‘Niall was highly professional, caring, compassionate and has a wealth of experience and wisdom to share. Niall offered such a personal and authentic level of support, helping me find my own voice and story to share.’
Sarah Farrell Whelan

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