Nick Takavadii

Nick Takavadii

Nick Takavadii is an advocate and a catalyst for a shift to collaborative ways of working. He was born in Zimbabwe and lives with his family in Meanjin Brisbane. Nick’s  background is in developing and leading software systems teams. In 2006 he discovered the Art of Hosting at Kufunda Learning Village in Zimbabwe and his view of leadership was radically transformed to incorporate the livings systems worldview. Shared leadership practice is now at the core of how Nick shows up in community and in his work in Percolab Coop (formerly Campfire Coop) where he is a director and co-owner.

Workshop: Conflict Café (La Chicanerie), a restaurant for fostering healthy relationships

Participants will explore tools that help them see conflict as a gift. They will dive into a welcoming and friendly atmosphere along with Nick and other experienced facilitators from Percolab Coop. Participants will be enchanted by the custom-made kit of practices, specially designed to nourish the soul and spirit.

You will choose from an “à la carte menu” – featuring an assortment of practices and exercises to develop greater awareness of self and others in situations of conflict and collaboration.

Whether in professional, personal or community circles, Business Analysts face complex challenges. Normalising conflict and bridging differences are essential to building a healthier, equitable and sustainable work environment and society.

This session is a chance to practice bite sized processes that foster healthy relationships and collaboration in a welcoming, friendly, and fun atmosphere.

Come alone or as a group and develop your interpersonal skills while having fun!