Pete Tashevski


Functional Consultant, Increment

Pete is a Functional Consultant at Increment with a strong background in Business Analysis. His extensive knowledge and hands-on experience uniquely position him to guide us through the intricate landscape of transformative technology, sharing his insights and real-world experiences to help operational paradigms.

Pete is a passionate advocate for harnessing innovation to forge an environment that seamlessly amalgamates productivity, collaboration, and security, within a human-centric workplace.

Presentation: Interactive Session – No code/Low Code

In this dynamic two-hour session, we’ll explore how Power Platform can revolutionise the role of Business Analysts in tackling organisational challenges. Discover practical ways to add value to your organisation and elevate your skillset. The session culminates with a showcase in which Nathan & Pete build a quick app, offering a tangible demonstration of Power Platform’s capabilities. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a more agile, impactful, and future-ready Business Analyst.