Phil Delalande

Phil Delalande

Phil is the Managing Director of Symphonia and Neovate Education and the founder of UXCamp. A board member and advisor, he specialises in innovation, transformation and strategy and has built expertise scaling design teams and capabilities in organisations (Moodle, Telstra Purple, FMG…)

Presentation: User-Centered Analysis: Designing for Human Behaviour

Tired of solutions that meet the checklist but leave users cold?

This talk dives into the powerful synergy between understanding human behaviour, translating data into meaningful insights, and measuring user-experience.

We’ll explore concrete examples spanning industries like healthcare, education, finance and more, showcasing how user-centred discovery can redefine paradigms and spur innovation.

Uncover the “Why” behind the “What”, craft solutions that resonate and walk away with actionable insights and frameworks such as Jobs To Be Done and HEART.