Philipp Joebges

Director | KOM Consulting PTY LTD

Philipp is an experienced business consultant that has worked on many transformation initiatives across government and private enterprises in Europe, America, and Australia. He specialises in redesigning operating models and improving business processes through technology. He now runs a small business, leading a team of consultants focused on project delivery across industries including government, mining, aviation, and financial services. Philipp enjoys exploring new ideas, approaches, and frameworks that can enhance his work.

Presentation: When Crisis strikes, call a BA: Coming to the Rescue when all hell breaks loose

Wake up, brew your favourite cup of coffee, and fire up your laptop – it’s going to be a great day. You’ve got a plan, you’re in control, and everything is on track. Until suddenly, you get a ‘high priority’ email. Then, your phone rings… and it’s crisis time, your plan goes out the window, and you need to respond fast.

With increasing uncertainty all around us, businesses, projects, and people are constantly facing unexpected events and crises. Some are inconvenient, others may just challenge the very survival of the organisation. The ability to navigate these unexpected events with confidence and skill is crucial for sustained success and key part of a BA’s value proposition. What if you could use your skills to prepare for and respond to these crises with confidence?

In this interactive presentation, we’ll use real-world examples and use cases to explore how business analysis techniques mixed with agile principles can be applied to crisis management. We explore the role of business analysis in crisis management, learn how BAs can enhance existing capabilities and discover strategies for effective communication and stakeholder engagement.