Raouf Araji

Product Designer | Canva

Raouf is a product designer with a variety of experience within tech startups, scale-ups and mature organisations. Currently working at Canva, Raouf is focused on how to deliver design outcomes that deliver value to users, while meeting business and product goals to connect short-term and long-term growth opportunities.

Presentation: Understanding user behaviours to build better products & systems

There’s endless resources about design thinking methodologies, product-led frameworks, and how speaking directly to users can all lead to greater product outcomes. However, how do all of these things combine effectively? This presentation will talk about the realities of delivering better products for the people that ideally fall in love with them. This will cover how to balance quantitative and qualitative data to uncover transformative insights, how collaborating across disciplines allows you to innovate, and the key differences between desirability and usability to accelerate product market fit.