Ruth Lewis

Technology | Strategy | Foresight | Ethical, Sustainable Technology Advocate | IEEE CertifAIEd Lead Assessor for Trustworthy AI | NER

Ruth is an experienced strategic IT consultant, academically qualified futurist, senior Business Analyst and professional engineer based in Melbourne, Australia, having worked across many industries, sectors and technologies with a particular focus on the innovative, ethical and sustainable use of technology in business and in society. Her expertise is in introducing new technologies to business, creating managed services and creating innovative governance models within organisations. Ruth’s passion is to work towards the ethical and sustainable development and use of technology for the good of society, enabling her clients to make wise and informed decisions and investments today to enable their preferred futures. Ruth is the Chair of the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT) Standards Committee, a contributing member of many ethically aligned socio-technical standards, and was awarded the IEEE SA 2022 Standards Medallion for leadership in promoting the development of IEEE technology and society standards.


Presentation: The Ethical AI Business Project

With AI and advanced Chatbots in the news every day, you may be involved in developing or procuring these systems, or have plans to.
How do you go about doing this ethically, to ‘do the right thing’ for all of your stakeholders?
Are you familiar with Australia’s AI Ethics Principles?
Did you realise that they were based on IEEE’s foundational AI program ‘Ethically Aligned Design’?

This presentation will explain IEEE’s AI ethics and governance Standards and Trustworthy AI Certification program.
These are available for use right now, and will guide you in implementing Australia’s AI Ethics Principles.

You will learn about:

  • AI ethics-by-design,
  • how to assess for the impact of AI systems on human wellbeing, and
  • opportunities to guide organisations through an assessment of their AI systems to gain the IEEE AI Mark of Trust.