Tim Wrathall


Business Analysis and Change Practice Manager, Transurban

Tim is a Business Analysis / Change management practitioner and leader who partners with all business stakeholders to turn your needs into real business value and facilitate positive change that delights customers.

In a career spanning two decades, Tim knows how to understand your needs and define them in a way that shapes effective solutions to your problems.

Tim has worked in Higher Education, Local Government, and Utilities. Tim has volunteered with the IIBA for the last three years in education, event, and branch support roles. In addition to his work experience, Tim is a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) and holds numerous Agile certifications.

Festival Presentation: The Transformation of Education in IIBA Australia

The IIBA Australia Education team (tribe) is focused on providing you with a superior educational experience to help you become a better BA. Guided by the 2021/22 Education plan, we’ve made a number of positive contributions to Education services to the benefit of our members.

This presentation will cover how we’ve progressed in our first year and the exciting updates to the plan that would provide a superior Education experience for our members.

The presentation includes:
• The current state of play for education
• Goals that shape and guide our plans
• What and how we plan to change
• The ways and means of improvement, and
• We change, and what it means for you.

BABOK V3 Alignment: Chapter 09: Underlying Competencies


Showcase Presentation: Education for you – the BA education transformation

The Education Portfolio (tribe) seeks to provide the opportunity to grow, nurture, and share knowledge that stimulates intellectual growth in our BA community.

We seek to provide a positive experience for all our members, and we are focused on enhancing our services to meet your needs. In the spirit of continuous improvement, the Education team launched a program of improvement initiatives in the 2021/2022 Education Plan.

This presentation covers the plan in more detail and includes:

  • The current state of play for educations services
  • Goals that define and guide our plans
  • Targeted initiatives that allow us to
  • The ways and means of improvement, and;
  • Who is delivering the change (the team)

BABOK V3 Alignment: Chapter 02: Business Analysis Key Concepts