Triveni Gajbhiye 

Triveni Gajbhiye

Triveni, a certified “Design Thinking Practitioner,” is a seasoned Consultant/Business Analyst specialising in CRM, ERP, and Integration systems. Her expertise blends technical prowess with business acumen, enabling her to adeptly navigate complex implementations. She excels in understanding business processes and technology intricacies, collaborating effectively with clients to tailor solutions to their needs. Triveni bridges the gap between technology and business requirements, ensuring implementations align with organizational goals. Beyond work, she finds joy in travel, dance, and gardening, embodying a well-rounded approach to life that complements her versatile skill set.

Presentation: Crafting Better Solutions: A Design Thinking Approach

The presentation Crafting Better Solutions: A Design Thinking Approach explores the principles and benefits of applying design thinking to tackle complex problems and stimulate innovation. Design thinking is described as a user-centred methodology that prioritises empathy, ideation, prototyping, and testing. It empowers teams to understand user needs, define problems effectively, generate creative solutions, and iterate rapidly to develop impactful resolutions.

The presentation will highlight the critical role of empathy in comprehending user perspectives, the importance of accurately framing the problem statement, and the value of the ideation phase in fostering innovative ideas. It will also discuss the significance of prototyping and testing in visualising concepts and refining them based on user feedback.

Case studies will be used to illustrate successful applications of design thinking, such as Airbnb’s transformation of the hospitality industry and IBM’s improvement of its employee onboarding process. The presentation will emphasise the benefits of design thinking, including heightened user satisfaction, accelerated innovation, enhanced problem-solving, and improved cross-functional collaboration.

In conclusion, the presentation will advocate for the integration of design thinking as a powerful tool for driving innovation, enhancing user experiences, and overcoming complex challenges in today’s dynamic business environment. It will encourage organisations to embrace design thinking as a fundamental approach to driving meaningful change and sustaining competitiveness.