Sponsors & Exhibitors Lead Management

Lead Management

Your support of the conference is greatly appreciated, and the Lead Management tool will help maximise your engagement.


Lead Management allows you to:

  • Collect contact details – scan a QR code on an attendee’s name badge or from their app
  • Lead questions – preset questions to ask attendees
  • Automated email – preset a thank you email to send to attendees you scanned
  • Lead alert email – preset an email to send to your team with the details of scanned attendees
  • Export leads – export the contact details and question data to Export

Pre-Conference Lead Management Set Up

Lead Management is set up in the Exhibitor Portal prior to the conference. Your contact person managing your participation has access to the Exhibitor Portal and will be responsible for the set up of the lead questions, emails, and accessing scanned leads. The questions you set up will be available to your onsite team during the conference through the App.

See the set-up instructions below.

Collecting Leads at the Conference

When an attendee visits your stand:

  • Your team can ask permission to scan the QR code on the their badge or in their App
  • Your team can use your pre-set questions to gather information
  • The attendee’s contact details and the information gathered will be saved to the Exhibitor Portal
  • Your team members will see who they have scanned in the App, but the contact information and data collected is only available from the Exhibitor Portal
  • If you have set up a thank you email, it will be sent to the attendee

App Release Date

The conference app will be released prior to the conference. The App will be the primary source of information and interaction at the conference, so most delegates will have the App.

Staff Access to the App

Individual log in details for the App will be emailed to each of your registered team members when the app is released.


If you have any questions about setting up Lead Management prior to the conference contact:

At the conference:

  • Visit the registration desk for assistance.

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Scanning Leads via the App

When an attendee visits your stand:

  • Ask permission to scan the QR code on their name badge or in their App
  • In your App, click on the Scan Leads icon
  • This collects the delegate’s shared contact details
  • You can fill in your pre-set lead questions to gather information
  • This information is saved to the Exhibitor Portal
  • You will see the attendee’s name and publicly shared profile in the Conference App under View Leads

Click the Scan Leads icon in the App

Select your booth

Your camera will open to scan the delegate’s QR code

If you have set up lead questions via the Exhibition Portal, these will appear. Otherwise, click submit.

To view the leads you have scanned, click the View Leads icon.

Pre-Conference Lead Management Set-Up

Log into the Exhibition Portal. Set-up is not done via the App. You can click on the images below to enlarge them.

Lead Questions

  • Click the Lead Management menu option and select Setup.
  • Select the Questions tab
  • Set up the lead questions that will appear in the App for your onsite team to fill out as they talk to delegates
  • We recommend you set-up at least one text question called “Notes” or similar
  • We recommend you do not set questions as mandatory; this allows you to collect contact details as a minimum

Thank You Email to Attendees

You can also set up an Auto Thank You email to send to scanned attendees. The email can include a PDF attachment.

Lead Alert Email

You can set up a Lead Alert Email that is sent to your team with the contact details and the answers to your Lead Questions collected from an attendee.

Accessing Collected Leads and Data from the Exhibition Portal

You view and export scanned leads in the Exhibition Portal. This information is not stored in the App. The scanned leads will include names, contact details attendees opted to share, and the data your team collected using your lead questions.

  • Log in to the Exhibitor Portal
  • Click on the Lead Management menu
  • Click on Current Leads
  • Click on Export at the bottom of the page to export leads into an Excel spreadsheet

Information can be exported to Excel at any time during or after the event.