Alistair Gibbons

Alistair Gibbons

Position: Independent Business Analyst
Company: Athena Solutions

Having started out as an Assembler programmer, Alistair soon realised that he was more interested in business than technology.

As an independent business analyst he’s worked with a wide range of organisations in application areas in HR, Strategy, and in knowledge management.

Also passionate about the possibilities from complex adaptive systems and the natural sciences has resulting in novel projects over the years

Presentation: Fast-Tracking Current State Analysis
Early stages of a recent project showed that appreciation of the current state varied widely, depending on who I was speaking to. The final capability/product would be delivered under a variety of workstreams; some the responsibility of the project; others by the business.

Short of completing an in-depth Current State Analysis, I needed to take a snapshot, not only of the component parts but also of the boundaries, perimeters, figuring out. Securing agreement on what would be delivered, by whom, and clarifying responsibilities were critical. I didn’t want to write up hundreds of pages of documentation, as is so frequently the case. I wanted a tool that could be used to highlight and prioritise the areas that needed a deeper-dive, by exception, not by tick-box, recipe-following, paint-by-numbers best practice.

The approach which I developed informed priorities and phasing, what “done” meant for each of the phases, articulating key success criteria. This has subsequently been proposed alongside project progress tracking, and to inform Benefits realisation too.

The Quick Bite session will take you along the journey from teasing out what the current state actually was, through to developing a simplified tool and approach for informing all phases of a complex enterprise project.