Dr Amanda Keenan

Dr Amanda Keenan

Amanda’s values in work & life are optimism, curiosity, humour, teamwork and love of learning.

She takes a human-led approach to innovation, design and change. She looks deep to understand the needs of her clients, employees and customers to identify opportunities for change and meaningful impact. Amanda helps reimagine ways of working and deliver new experiences for internal and external customers – consumers, employees, & stakeholders.

Her work has been driven through collaborative, co-design ways of working with individuals, groups, and project delivery teams. She has led teams with skills across the design continuum, including strategic, CX/EX, service, user experience and user interface design. Amanda works across multi-disciplinary teams including project managers, business analysts, solution architects, data scientists and change specialists. Together they design & deliver a desired future state experience.

Workshop: Creative Cartography: Experience Mapping for Impact

Experience mapping is a key component of human-led design and analysis. It should be applied whenever we are needing to solve problems involving people- whether that be business stakeholders, employees, or customers.

They can be a powerful tool for visualizing pain points and opportunities spaces for innovation, as well as presenting current state and potential future state complexity in an easily consumable way.

This workshop will introduce 3 examples of experience mapping – thematic, touchpoint and blueprint – and guide you through when to apply which for maximum impact for your project. The workshop will be fun, interactive and provide participants the opportunity to work though “creative cartography” in a practical and supported way. They will receive a Coolkids show bag at the end containing templates, scenario examples and user guides.

Amanda’s workshop has 20 places available on a first-in-best-dressed basis on the day. You are unable to pre-register for this event.