Andrew Lizzio

Andrew Lizzio

Position: Managing Director
Company: Wizup Pty Ltd

Andrew is a somewhat quiet, unassuming and understated person. He hates crowds but loves people. Fears conflict but values differences. And believes that nature is a wonderful teacher if we dare to listen. If you were to ask Andrew to label himself, he would proudly say “a nerd”. He wrote his first computer program at the age of 5, graduated from university as a computer scientist, and spent the last 25+ years designing computer systems for small and large organisations.

But what makes Andrew different is his ability to design systems that somehow design themselves. That is, systems that adapt to be more relevant to the people that use them, while they are using them. Andrew has two small start-up companies:

  • Wizup, currently developing a mobile application to better support interactive pedagogy within schools and universities.
  • And Clarus, that has just secured a worldwide patent on bionic technology to help paraplegics walk again.

The culture of both companies is based on a deep belief that given the right environment, passionate individuals working together will make a difference, and maybe even change the world. But for Andrew, changing the world is coincidental. His focus is on the journey itself, building the courage to take the next imperfect step, learning how to use his heart as a compass, and daring to listen.

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