Anna Bashkirova


Professional Coach, qualified Extended DISC behavioural profiler, Meta Dynamics practitioner & a PROSCI certified change manager

Prior to coaching, Anna Bashkirova, CPA had a successful career in accounting and IT where she consulted finance professionals around accounting systems. This path led her to the realisation that most software implementation issues turned out to be people related. As a result, she devoted a few years to become a human behaviour specialist.
Anna is a Professional Coach, qualified Extended DISC behavioural profiler, Meta Dynamics practitioner and a PROSCI certified change manager. Anna is passionate about helping accounting and IT professionals to unlock their potential as organisational and business leaders by enhancing their soft skills.

Presentation: Did Someone Say ‘People Instruction Manual?
A workshop to balance out your technical and people skills

As Simon Sinek says, “If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business.” So how do you understand people, this arguably most unpredictable variable in any business? If you add the diversity of gender, age, cultural background and personal views and habits, that is enough to make one’s brain hurt. And yet, the outcomes of a business analyst’s work often depend on how well they deal with stakeholders.

If you feel that you spend a lot of brainpower on working with people or you want to balance out your technical and soft skills to become a better leader, then this workshop is for you. Its purpose is to introduce you to DISC, a behavioural profiling framework that has been used by millions of individuals all over the world for over 25 years. It is a powerful tool that is like an instruction manual for people. It makes it easier to understand how we connect, communicate, make decisions, what causes stress and conflicts, what motivates us and whether we are open to change or not. As a result of attending the session you will have more influence on stakeholders. You will also get insights into your own behaviour so you can be better understood.

BABOK V3 Alignment: Chapter 04: Elicitation and Collaboration