Anthony Stoitsis

Head of Performance Intelligence & Analytics | AFL Collingwood Football Club

Anthony is a highly experienced analytics manager working within one of the biggest and most successful professional sporting organisations in Australia.  He has a proven history of devising, implementing, evaluating and refining strategies for methodical, problem solving and proactive ways of thinking.  Anthony leverages the disciplines of business analysis combined with data intelligence and analytics to drive successful outcomes.

Presentation: The secret to success with analytics in elite environments
Tracking data, fitness data, personal data, individual performance data, team performance data. Real time data, near real time data, last week’s data, last month’s data, last year’s data…Data, Data, Data.
What to do with all this data?
Meanwhile the industry scrutiny is intense. The media scrutiny is intense.
Join Anthony and hear his real story that includes:

  • Key principles to success
  • How to ensure alignment and alignment to what?
  • Analysis paralysis
  • Business Analysis leveraging Analytics to drive success
  • The journey one must go on
  • How real time analytics play a role and have impacted our decision making
  • How analytics have evolved over the last 10 years
  • What the future might hold?