Carl Sudholz

Carl Sudholz

Position: Independent Business Analyst
Company: AGContext Business Systems

Carl Sudholz is the founder AGContext® Business Systems. As an independent business analyst he helps small to medium enterprises align their business systems with people and purpose. Throughout his almost 20 year career, Carl has led and supported digital transformation projects for a wide range of organisations including: Professional Associations, Allied Health and Government. Carl is a passionate advocate for the role of business in overcoming the climate change crisis. As Secretary of the International Institute of Business Analysis – Australia Chapter, Carl is leading his professional community in helping create a better world for all.

Presentation: Profit Into Purpose: The future of business (analysis)

The year 2020 has been like no other. A novel virus has spread throughout the world, killing hundreds of thousands. Climate change empowered heatwaves, wildfires and storms are increasing in their intensity and occurrence. Global economies and ecosystems alike are failing. These are the cumulative impacts after 250 years of industrial-revolution powered by burning fossil fuels. Overcoming these crisis’ requires us to reconsider the purpose of business. The solutions demand that we transform our collective systems of business. For this end, the business analysis profession is crucial for solving the big problems now facing people and planet.

BABOK V3 Alignment: Chapter 2: Business Analysis Key Concepts, Chapter 6: Strategy Analysis, Chapter 11: Perspectives