Craig Brown

CEO | Everest Engineering

Craig is CEO of Everest Engineering, an international software agency with team members in the US, Australia, India and the UK, and customers all over the world.

Craig’s own story includes being an early adopter of agile methods and practices and co-founder of LAST Conference in Australia and co-founder of Everest Engineering. He also managed a global Saas product development team for several years until it was acquired in 2019.

Everest Engineering is a software engineering consultancy with a global reach.

Our strength lies in the capability and diversity of our people. We are proudly inclusive and we celebrate our individual differences and shared common values.

Presentation: Talking about Value: How to build alignment and energy around your mission

A workshop on how the way we speak about value amplifies business outcomes. We will introduce some simple tools and practice using them to begin building a competence.

How often do you find teams drifting off target? How often are stakeholder expectations not met? How often does work done fail to amount to anything meaningful?
Often the root of the problem is people haven’t been telling the value story frequently or clearly enough.
And the barrier to that is we actually struggle to tell a simple sharp version of the value of what we are working on.

Go on, test yourself right now. Write down the value of the program you are on right now. Do it in one or two sentences. Does it pass the grandma test?

This session will cover the issues, share some tools and collectively iterate on telling our value stories.

You’ll walk away with an improved ability to align your team and stakeholders, and improve your chances to make an impact on the world.