Craig Brown

Craig Brown

Craig is the CEO of Everest Engineering, an international software agency with team members in the US, Australia, India and the UK, and customers all over the world.

Craig’s own story includes being an early adopter of agile methods and practices and co-founder of LAST Conference in Australia and co-founder of Everest Engineering. He also managed a global Saas product development team for several years until it was acquired in 2019.

Everest Engineering is a software engineering consultancy with a global reach.

Our strength lies in the capability and diversity of our people. We are proudly inclusive, and we celebrate our individual differences and shared common values.

Presentation: Rethinking Service Quality: The Rater Framework and Beyond

Business analysts play a crucial role in service delivery, yet traditional quality measures often fall short. This session introduces the Rater Framework, a structured approach to evaluating service quality that goes beyond standard metrics.

The talk will explore how the Rater Framework can:

•              Transform your perspective: Learn to view service quality through a multifaceted lens, encompassing aspects beyond mere functionality.

•              Elevate client appreciation: Discover strategies to demonstrably enhance the value you deliver, fostering stronger client recognition.

We’ll delve into the framework’s practical application, explore its limitations, and uncover additional opportunities for growth within your service delivery approach.

This session is ideal for business analysts seeking to:

•              Improve client satisfaction and project outcomes.

•              Communicate the true impact of their work.

•              Develop a more holistic understanding of service excellence.