Darren Turner

Senior Business Analyst | Victorian Building Authority

Darren Turner is a Senior Business Analyst, dedicated to bringing business strategy to life by asking the right questions and cutting through complexity for well-informed solutions and positive change.

Darren started his professional career as an Accountant and leveraged this finance background to secure his earlier roles in business analysis. Since discovering his passion for business analysis he has continued to apply himself in the field for over a decade across finance, technology, not-for-profit and government. He has delivered solutions in digital, CRM and ERP to facilitate required business outcomes, including broad digital transformation programs.

As a Senior Business Analyst at the Victorian Building Authority he enjoys the opportunity to work on strategic initiatives largely in the regulatory reform space and to contribute towards the BA centre of excellence.

Presentation: Zero to Hero: VBA’s BA Practice Journey

Embark on an inspiring journey through the transformation of the Victorian Building Authority’s Business Analysis (VBA BA) Practice. We will take you from our humble beginnings with just two BAs from different corners of the organisation to our current state as a highly respected, cohesive BA team, consistently delivering value to the VBA.

In this engaging workshop, we will guide participants through our unique path to success, highlighting key milestones, challenges, and lessons learned along the way.

Our story is not just about our journey—it’s an opportunity for you to reflect on your own BA journey. Discover how our experiences can resonate with your own professional growth and development, whether as an individual or within your team. Through the interactive activities and discussions, we will uncover valuable insights that can be applied to your path. Join us on this collective journey, as we progress from ‘zero to hero’ together!