Eduardo Nofuentes

Eduardo Nofuentes 

Eduardo is the co-founder and Director of Neu21, a fast-growing organisational design consultancy with Headquarters in Melbourne (Australia) and born with the sole purpose of making work better for a new world. 

Born and educated in Barcelona, Spain and with a career that spans over 25 years across a number of customer-centric leadership roles, Eduardo has had the privilege to work with many large and fast-growing digital organisations around the world. 

Eduardo is a pioneer and a reference in successfully taking agile ways of working beyond the software development world. His approach has helped transform and redesign hundreds of teams and organisations across the globe; unlocking agility, adaptability and creating sustainable human and customer-centred organisations. 

In his role as Director of Neu21, Eduardo has built a deliberate developmental organisation and created a disruptive consulting model that is based on human potential and customer obsession – a direct reflection of Eduardo’s vibrant personality. 

A visionary, charismatic and energetic leader, investor and advisor; Eduardo uses his passion, knowledge and experience to create environments for people, teams, and organisations to thrive and achieve unwavering self-belief. 

Keynote: Designing the Adaptive Organisation 

Neu21 helps organisations create and embrace a culture of innovation, implement better ways of working, deliver more value and better products and services, and grow more adaptive, visionary leaders.  

In this keynote, Eduardo will share the key elements to build a human and adaptive organisation through a passionate and authentic presentation that not only inspires your audience but gives them genuine takeaways to implement. 

Eduardo’s keynotes are both enlightening and exciting, creating a platform for change, combining personal anecdotes, humour and passion with clear and practical next steps