Georgiana Mannion

Director, Evolving Holdings

George has been a speaker on multiple topics at international conferences for many years, known mainly as ‘The Playful BA’. She has been a BA for over ten years, has led a BA team and communities of practice. She is now a ‘problem solver for hire’. She incorporates analysis, technology, and change management, to support companies and teams. She was the Vice President on the IIBA Board of Directors Australia for 2.5 years after 2 years on the IIBA committee in the UK.
She is proficient and present in all things social media, including branding, and hosts two podcasts.

Presentation: The Social Analyst: being a BA in the age of connections

The one stop shop of Social Media know-how by a prolific user and Business Analyst Consultant.

Have you been unsure of how social media could connect you with fellow BAs, elevate your career, your company, or your brand? Want to know the benefits and differences of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Clubhouse, LinkedIn and more?

Have you listened to a podcast and wanted to create one of your own but you don’t know where to start? Learn the equipment to buy, how to publish it, how to get followers.

Join Georgiana Mannion, the former IIBA Australia Board of Directors Vice-President, podcast host, social media user & social media consultant for other companies. This is a quest through the internet to make social media work for you.

Social platforms have transformed the landscape of how we connect, both personally and professionally. In this talk you’ll see how the various platforms could increase your visibility online and what etiquette should be used to connect with the communities.

Learn how to
* Brand across platforms
* Use different tools effectively
* Tailor your message to your audience
* Connect with other BAs, influencers, and BA celebrities