Gina Brooks

Gina Brooks

Position: Director & Principal Consultant
Company: Training x Design

Gina is one of Australia’s few experts in emotional wellness and resilience programs. She is also highly credentialled, and recognised at a national level for her expertise. In 2017, Gina was ranked one of Australia’s top two Learning & Development Professionals, and was the Chief Judge for the Australian Leadership Awards. She is also a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders.
Gina Brooks is one of Australia’s most sought-after trainers. Her training design elevates teams in both private and public sector organisations, because it is founded on the impeccable science. Organisations trained by Gina discover how to leverage the principles of positive psychology, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence for all aspects of business growth.

Presentation: Dealing with Uncertainty
The implications of Covid19 are being felt across the globe with people experiencing more uncertainty than ever before.
In times like these the feeling of uncertainty is normal. However, if it’s not managed well it can lead to people dealing with it in ways that have a negative impact on their work outcomes, their relationships and their mental and physical health.

In this presentation you will discover how you can regain a sense of control over your life by managing your emotions effectively, reducing your stress and implementing daily actions that create healthier habits.

Based on the principles of positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience these practices have been demonstrated to have a positive impact on how we work and how we function both professionally and personally. Helping you to be you more often.

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