Igor Arkhipov


BA Chapter Lead | National Australia Bank

Igor’s BA career started more than a decade ago in the basement of a multi-apartment building where he was a part of an indie advertising firm.

Since then he’s been a BA and a BA team manager in multiple organisations, including being a practice manager in a cybersecurity organisation, a head of business analysis in consulting, and a manager for a delivery practice in fintech.

Igor is a founder of Analyst’s Corner, an IIBA Endorsed education provider which focuses on liberating the BA education: leveraging peer-learning and affordable paid options for anyone interested in business analysis.


Presentation: The value of specialisation in building a BA career

Who are you? Are you a specialist with expert knowledge of a particular tool/domain or a generalist proud of their transferable skills?

There seems to be a lot of debate in the industry which one is preferable. In this session we will discuss how people learn, explore the nature of specialisation and generalisation, and draw the lines between the two.

May be, just may be, you don’t need to choose? Is there a way to be both, and is there even any value in trying to do so? And finally, what role do IIBA specialised certifications play in your career journey?

Let’s explore how people learn.