Kathy Berkidge

Kathy Berkidge

With a background in software development, Kathy is an agile BA professional with over 30 years of experience in I.T. She provides business analysis and agile training and consulting services to many organisations in a variety of industries, as well as speaks internationally on topics relating to agile, mindset and business analysis. Kathy works with teams to improve teamwork, be more innovative and deliver better customer value. She is passionate about seeing people, teams and organisations thrive in an environment of collaboration and harmony.

Presentation: The 3 “S’s” of User Stories

User stories are the cornerstone of agile requirements. We use them to plan and deliver solutions that meet our users’ needs. Beyond solution requirements, user stories focus on value delivery from the perspective of the user, describing the capabilities needed, as well as the benefits they would provide.

However, user stories can be tricky to write in a way that they are understood by our stakeholders and the delivery team. We may believe that everyone knows what is expected to be delivered, but then find we are wrong. All too often, stories are not delivered because they are misunderstood, too big, not scoped correctly, or missing detail.

This session will explore how to write effective user stories using the 3 “S’s” of User Stories: Simple; Single; Specific. These three simple guidelines can help us to assess our stories to ensure they are sized appropriately and well understood to enable continuous value delivery.