Liza Laya

Business Analysis Manager | Victorian Building Authority

Liza Laya, a Business Analysis (BA) Manager at the Victorian Building Authority, brings an extensive wealth of experience spanning over 23 years in business analysis and information technology. Leading a highly skilled BA team, she successfully established a BA centre of excellence within her organisation. Liza’s professional journey has been a dynamic one, beginning as a software developer, transitioning into project management, and ultimately excelling as a seasoned BA professional.

However, Liza’s impact extends beyond her corporate role. Liza is also the visionary and developer behind Spenza, an innovative startup poised to harness the potential of AI and data mining. Spenza’s mission is to deliver personalised recipe recommendations that make the most of all the ingredients in your pantry and fridge. This ambitious initiative not only aims to combat food waste but also aspires to elevate dietary choices while providing valuable assistance to busy households that may not have the time for meal planning.

With a robust background in driving business transformation, optimising processes, and implementing cutting-edge systems across Australia, the USA, and the Asia Pacific, Liza remains dedicated to delivering valuable solutions that align with business, customer, and end-user needs.

Presentation: Zero to Hero: VBA’s BA Practice Journey

Embark on an inspiring journey through the transformation of the Victorian Building Authority’s Business Analysis (VBA BA) Practice. We will take you from our humble beginnings with just two BAs from different corners of the organisation to our current state as a highly respected, cohesive BA team, consistently delivering value to the VBA.

In this engaging workshop, we will guide participants through our unique path to success, highlighting key milestones, challenges, and lessons learned along the way.

Our story is not just about our journey—it’s an opportunity for you to reflect on your own BA journey. Discover how our experiences can resonate with your own professional growth and development, whether as an individual or within your team. Through the interactive activities and discussions, we will uncover valuable insights that can be applied to your path. Join us on this collective journey, as we progress from ‘zero to hero’ together!