lurii Goman

lurii Goman

Iurii is the Head of the Business Analysis Team at NIX and the creator of the Passionate BA blog. With 11+ years of experience on board, Iurii aims to inspire industry professionals involved in creating solutions that bring value to stakeholders.

Iurii is an active member of the BA community, both in Ukraine and abroad. He speaks at conferences, makes podcasts, writes articles, and shares his passion for business analysis.

Presentation: The Art of Crafting Tailored Personal Development Plans

In this session, the speaker will share their framework for creating Personal Development Plans (PDPs) for business analysts across all expertise levels. They will explain their bidirectional approach to tailoring personal objectives to organizational needs and how it transforms into concrete PDP items. The presentation will include a depersonalized case study demonstrating how the approach advances a specific business analyst’s career. This speech intends to be insightful to business analysts and their managers.

Key learnings:
– Approach to developing PDPs that cater to various career stages
– How to organize goals and tailor them to organizational needs
– Managing challenges with establishing clear acceptance criteria in PDPs
– Assessment of promotion readiness
– Insights on fostering professional development