Manav Krishan


Lead of Technology, BHP Coal & E&G Digital factories

Manav is a well versed Technology & Digital Transformation advocate.

He is a seasoned IT & OT technologist with his experience in designing solutions for Telecoms, Oil & Gas, Chemical & Mining industry.

Driven by his passion for technology, Manav works as a Lead of Technology for Digital Teams in BHP.

With over 12 Years of experience in Technology and transformation, Manav has helped numerous organizations and functions with Modernizing and Digitizing their systems across Middle East & Asia Pacific region.

Presentation: Digital Technology in Mining

– We want to highlight how Technology can change and shape future of Mining.
– Usually the perception is Mining is achieved by equipment and we’d use this presentation to talk about how software and digital solutions are being embedded in BHP and how are they helping our business.
– We’d do this by giving example of few digital solutions which are mentioned in the slides.
– And what are the different roles people play while these building software.