Naomi Pollock


Business Consulting Manager, Enterprise Agility

Naomi is a certified BA & Scrum Master, currently working in IT Strategy Consulting. She is skilled in blending IT delivery, business writing and facilitation to create win-win commercial and customer outcomes. Naomi believes in the value of gender-diverse teams, everyday Agile principles, and the all-‘round amazingness of IT people. Naomi’s diverse education in Business, Arts and Counselling drives her passion for unearthing the power of language and human interaction, to transform the purely technical or theoretical into solutions and ways of working that persuade, inform, inspire and unite.

Presentation: Professional Networking: Applying elicitation techniques to accelerate your career

Hands up if you have ever:
• Been at an awkward loose end at a conference break or event?
• Wondered how to bring more inspiration into your everyday sphere?
• Wanted to create pathways into new organisations and industries, and learn from other professions?
• Wondered how many career opportunities are based on ‘who you know’ rather than ‘what you know’?
• Wished there was a way to network that was grounded, authentic and mutually beneficial? (hint: it does not involve golf)

Professional networking is absolutely essential for personal and career growth, and even more so as we continue to work in hybrid or remote environments. Our career experience is informed and improved as we dialogue with each other and with those in other organisations, industries and professions.

Learning Outcomes
Participants will come away with:
• Ways to improve awareness of Imposter Syndrome and other negative self-talk patterns that inhibit our confidence to connect.
• How to target and create networking opportunities that are authentic and mutually beneficial.
• The Great Conversations Kit: practical strategies for how to overcome the anxiety of what to talk about, move beyond the cliched ‘so what do you do?’ and into deeper, more meaningful and enjoyable conversations!

Join me for a session in how to apply the BA Elicitation Techniques you already use every day to make authentic, lasting connections with a broad range of people. Unlock the power of networking in a way that aligns to your personal style and grows your knowledge, reputation and career opportunities