Pamela Tan


Business Analyst Practitioner Lead | Bank West

I am an individual motivated by challenge and professional development. I have a broad and international business outlook with a strong educational background as a foundation for advisory responsibilities and best practice. I am passionate about leading, challenging and forming teams to achieve their best.

I specialise in and am most passionate about:
-Change Management,
-Business Strategy,
-People Management,
-Business Process Improvement and Re-Engineering,
-Business Intelligence and
-Business Analysis for actionable direction.

With my broad business understanding in HR, Finance, Strategy, and Marketing, I offer a strong business outlook backed up by data in order to facilitate strategic and operational direction. My passion for process improvement also offer insights from data analytics into business process improvement and re-engineering initiatives that would allow for more effective and efficient business processes and data collection for executive decision making.

Presentation: Imperatives of Power Skills for a Business Analyst

This presentation covers why at Bankwest, we believe it is important to have a Business Analyst (BA) with power skills and how we are approaching the challenge to evolve and improve these capabilities of our BAs at Bankwest. It touches on why it is important to enhance power skills within BA teams and why we should have these skillsets at front of mind when hiring. One of the more challenging power skills is receiving and providing feedback, how might this improve productivity in the agile space. The importance of power skills has also evolved further in our hybrid working environment.