Rebecca Weaver

Rebecca Weaver

Rebecca Weaver is a Senior Business Analyst Consultant at NRI. NRI is a trusted and nimble partner leading with precision to design, implement and manage the crucial digital solutions that generate growth. NRI delivers everything from business strategy and consulting to infrastructure and managed IT services.

Rebecca is a member of IIBA, AHRI and AITD with over 20 years’ experience working with IT business solutions.  Rebecca’s technical capability in Business Analysis and Human-Centred Design, combined with Generalist HR, Workforce Management, and Learning & Organisational Development means she can deliver innovative practical, strategic and operational business solutions, across various industry sectors

Presentation: Navigating the Innovation Landscape: Strategies for Future-Ready Professional Development

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, professional development is no longer a linear path—it’s a dynamic journey influenced by innovation.

This presentation provides insights into the point of view of how professionals can embrace the use of innovative technology for professional development but still ensuring their continuous improvement and that the learning approach is effective, provides value, and remains relevant to the current skill demands and technology innovations.

The presentation will focus on the key discussion points:

* Embracing Digital Disruption: Leverage technological disruptions for sustainable growth. Explore how organizations can adapt to change while maintaining stability.

* Fostering Collaboration and Ownership: In a tech-driven environment, cultivate creativity and innovative leadership. Prioritize sustainable practices to thrive in a dynamic world.

* Enhancing Skills with Innovative Technology: Discover how professionals can embrace AI and other advanced tools to elevate their competencies. Stay ahead by integrating technology into your skill development journey.

* Ethical and Governance Considerations: As we enhance professional development platforms, we must address ethical dilemmas. Understand the balance between innovation and responsible use of technology.

Rebecca will also share insights from her research on innovative digital learning and share strategies and tools that can be used to inspire continuous improvement approaches for Business Analysis and other professionals.