Sam Bowtell

Founder, Director & Certified Scrum Trainer | Grow Your Agility

Energy, Caring and Fun. Sam brings these to every aspect of his work and life as a Leader, Coach, Trainer and Facilitator.

Sam is a Certified Scrum Trainer, helping inspire future agilists across Australia and Asia with Grow Your Agility and RedAgile. He previously worked for the Commonwealth Bank in Australia, as their Global Head of Agile.

In the community Sam is involved in skilled volunteering with Not For Profits, looking at how they can use the Agile mindset and scrum practices to improve how they run their operations. Outside of work, Sam is a lifelong Chelsea supporter, a mirror twin and a loving husband, father, friend and coach to his family.

SYDNEY Workshop: “Facilitation Masterclass – ‘The Better B.A loves rather than fears A.I'”

Summary: (created by ChatGPT of course!)

This two-hour interactive workshop is aimed at teaching practical facilitation techniques through experiential learning. The workshop focuses on the relationship between business analysts (B.A) and artificial intelligence (A.I). By attending the workshop you will get four learning outcomes; 1) Facilitation Skills: Hands-on experience in facilitation techniques, 2) Visual Aids: Learn Bikablo for engaging visual materials, 3) Coaching Model: Gain collaborative problem-solving skills, 4) B.A. in an A.I. Future: Explore B.A.’s role with A.I. Overall, this workshop equips participants with skills in facilitation, creative problem-solving, and understanding the evolving role of B.A.s in an A.I.-influenced world.

ONLINE Presentation: Hybrid Hell! Survival tips to work as a team in this split world of in person and virtual working

Post the pandemic, many of the team are back in the office, but there are still people working remotely on different days, hence we have a challenge. How do we engage the people in the room and those virtual in an equal way? How do we get the ‘best of’ in person and ‘virtual’? It’s called ‘Hybrid working’ and if not done properly can be ‘hell’ for teams and disrupt the gains made when all were remote.

In this talk, Sam will cover the art and science of how to facilitate and engage people in the hybrid office set up using his skills and experience from training hundreds of people in person before the pandemic and thousands during it as a Certified Scrum Trainer with the Scrum Alliance.

People will get practical skills they can use right away and Sam will share ten top tips to making hybrid work well for teams, and will also engage with the audience to seek some of their ideas too!