Tim Coventry


CEO, Business Analysis (BAPL)

Tim is the CEO for Business Analysis (BAPL) a specialist business analysis company offering business analysis as a service to ASX listed & private companies, government and not for profit organisations. With over 25 years’ experience and a strong contribution to business analysis across the globe. With a background in education and assessment Tim is an author of the IIBA® Competency Model, expert reviewer of the IIBA & Agile Alliance Agile Extension, IIBA Product Ownership guide and is a past IIBA® Australia Chapter President. He is married with 3 children & enjoys running & drinking wine usually in that order!

Presentation: Project Failure due to Outputs rather than Outcomes

It’s no secret, despite 50 years of executing projects, the majority of projects fail! Over 65% of projects are over budget, behind schedule or don’t deliver expected benefits. So why do we continue using this failed paradigm? “According to project management guru Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, some 88 million people will be working on projects worth $20 trillion by 2027. Yet, Nieto-Rodriguez concedes that “only 35% of the projects undertaken worldwide are successful—which means we’re wasting an extravagant amount of time, money, and opportunity.” How Management Mediocrity Is Celebrated As Success, Steve Denning.

Project Management has prescribed a command & control approach shielding sponsors & Senior Manager from decision making information. Agile has evangelised a servant leader philosophy which has negatively isolated some disciplines. These movements have missed the key pathway to success, requirements & tracing. These two business analysis tools are the only items that connect strategy to operations.

I’ll discuss how effective business analysis, and outcome-based techniques can help organisations move away from underperforming initiatives and deliver desired outcomes.

Also, I’ll discuss the need for all organisations and Business Analysts to be active across the product lifecycle from strategy to operations.

Learning Objectives
Join me to hear about recent developments and our insights based on real-world experience as we discuss:
1.Why organisations are moving away from projects and embracing a product-centric view
2.How this changes the way work is done and the outcomes that are produced
3.How to define internal outcome-based business analysis as a service