Trevor Hotten 

Trevor Hotten 

In his early career, Trevor was a Visual Experience Designer, and Storyboard artist in advertising (Visual Storyteller). 

Trevor obtained a Masters of Design from UTS. 

He was then appointed Head of Department (Design) at a university, lecturing in Advertising, Design, and Creative subjects, with a focus on Design Thinking and Creative Problem Solving. 

Then transferring the principles of Design Thinking to help organisations think ‘outside-the-box’. Trevor coached & applied Design Thinking principles to develop business learning strategies (putting the learner at the centre), and supported Leaders to solve business challenges, and innovation projects. 

Trevor is also an award-winning Artist, notably a Finalist in the Dobell Prize for Drawing, and has work in the prestigious Kudumba Collection of Australian Drawings. 

Presentation: Brainstorming done right, scribbling to solve creative problems

The World Economic Forum (WEF) predicted the top two critical skills needed in business moving towards 2030 were ‘’Creativity & Innovation” followed by “Solving complex problems”.

Brainstorming in today’s era of disruption requires some adjustments to traditional brainstorming methods to maximise creativity and innovation for several reasons:

– Faster Pace of Change
– Increased Complexity
– Shifting Work Dynamics and
– Need for Diverse Thinking

In the session I will demonstrate ways to fire up your personal creativity, and also share modern and effective brainstorming techniques.

Including how using Generative AI as a silent Brainstorming partner can hyper-accelerate the creative process.

AI can augment your thinking, help push through creative roadblocks, prompt unexpected ideas and directions, help make giant leaps across surprising variations.